Impact Report

Letter from our CEO

Team Yulista:

During these first few months of 2020 and as we look back on 2019 in this Annual Impact Report, 2019 already seems like a distant memory in the midst of all things considered. However, it’s helpful to take some time to reflect on some of the major impacts, as we close out another successful year. In fact, every year, it boggles my mind to consider how many things you were able to accomplish in just 12 months. And, it also seems the older I get, the faster the years go by! It’s crazy to believe we just finished up another decade. To really consider all Yulista has done for the warfighter in that decade is truly astonishing.

Our 2019 year was no different. As per our norm, we pursued excellence for our customers across the company and fought to be the best solution for them in any situation. Our solution set includes maintenance and modifications, engineering and manufacturing, base operations and range support, integrated logistics and product support, and training systems and solutions. But, our most critical success factor is you. You’ve enabled us to serve our customers at the level we do, you set the stage so that we can carry out our vision of a new campus and new hangar facilities, you take on volunteerism to stand with our communities, and you are the reason we can aggressively pursue new work with customers across the globe.


We have adjusted here and there. In fact, we just pushed through a restructure and brought in some talent to the organization, and through it all, Yulista remains steady, strong, fiercely patriotic, and loyal to our core.

There is no doubt that right now as I’m writing this that we are in some of our most trying times that we have seen in the last several decades as a nation. The word that keeps permeating within the depths of my soul is unity. In unity there is trust, a shared purpose and passion, adaptability, and most of all, hope. When the dust settles and hope prevails, I’m convinced that Yulista, and our nation in general, will be more united and closer than ever before.

On behalf of the entire leadership team, it is an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work side by side each of you. Thank you for your professionalism, your commitment, and your selfless mindset of doing whatever it takes to support our customers across the globe.

Joshua D. Herren - President/CEO, Yulista

Who We Are

Who We Are

We Are United

with those on the battlefield and in the sky. Our mission is to ensure the safety of our loved ones through aircraft and ground vehicle support, logistics and customized training.

We see past the red tape

of contracting. We support the warfighter, the men and women in uniform who need support and solutions from companies like us (one in three new hires are veterans).

We're tactical and intensely loyal

We fight for our stakeholders, customers and the public.

When we win, everybody wins

Our contracts and profits serve 25,000 Alaskan Native People, our neighbors, and our employees.

Our Family
Of Brands

As a holding company, Yulista combines its experienced management team, highly-skilled workforce, and substantial corporate and financial resources to support the Yulista family of companies.

Yulista Aviation, Inc.

YAI provides technical support services to a wide range of Government, DoD, and International customers through both Foreign Military and Direct Commercial Sales. These support services range from manufacturing to advanced integration and modification of aviation, ground, missile, and maritime systems.

Y-Tech Services, Inc.

Y-Tech Services, Inc. provides aviation integration and maintenance services, depot-level aircraft maintenance, maritime support, operational test article sustainment, and precision measurement and calibration services.

Yulista Integrated Solutions, LLC

YIS is focused on engineering, design, prototyping, developmental testing, certification, and production of advanced technology solutions and integration into various aviation, ground, maritime, and Special Operations Forces systems. YIS also has extensive experience with field support services and logistical support of commercial and military systems.

Yulista Tactical Services, LLC

YTS provides aircraft maintenance, training solutions, logistics, engineering, and system integration services to support government and commercial customers.

Yulista Support Services, LLC

YSS provides operational test fleet sustainment and support services while offering low risk and high quality solutions. YSS was formed to expand Yulista’ s expertise in operational test article support, PMEL operations and management, and aviation systems sustainment.

Yulista Holding, LLC

YHL provides all corporate oversight to the Yulista brands. YHL provides business development, marketing, purchasing, training, security, IT, contracts, and human resources.

Yulista Services LLC

YSL provides project management, engineering analyses, systems design, test, qualification, integration and reverse engineering, as well as rapid prototype development, and logistics in support of commercial and foreign military agencies or entities.

Tunista Services, LLC

TSL provides logistics management, base and range operations, fuels, warehouse, and appliance repair services for government and commercial customers.

Chiulista Services Inc.

CSI provides fuels management, base operations support, and logistics management support to government and armed forces customers.

Tunista Logistics Solutions, LLC

Founded in 2016, TLS received 8(a) certification in 2017. TLS was formed to expand Yulista’s expertise in base and range operations, security and law enforcement services, as well as air traffic control and airfield management sustainment.

Yulista Solutions, LLC

YS, our newest 8(a) company, provides aviation, cybersecurity, operations, training, mission support and technical services to defense, intelligence, and special operations customers.

Yulista Milestones


Yulista and SES Joint Venture Sole Source Award of PIF 1.


CSI awarded an 8(a) set-aside contract to provide test, measurement, vcalibration, and repair services for the US Army on Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL.


YAI FAA Part 145 Repair Station Certification and YAI ISO 9001/AS 9100 certification.


Yulista's employee base reached over 500.


CSI awarded US Air Force set-aside contract at Gila Bend.


Yulista/SES joint venture, RDS JV awarded Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) II at Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL.


YTECH awarded Redstone Test Center Contract.


YTECH awarded Aviation Integration & Maintenance Services contract.

TSL awarded Management & Operations Support for the Furnishings Management Office & Warehouses at Fort Benning, GA.


TSL awarded AEC Operation and Maintenance of Barry Goldwater Range at Gila Bend Auxiliary Field.

YTECH awarded MH60T Rotary Wing Aircraft Depot Level Maintenance Support Services.

YTECH awarded operations and maintenance support for the Sea Fighter contract.

TSL awarded management of Unaccompanied Housing.


Projected 2016 Year End Revenue Volume to be highest in Yulista history.

Broke Ground on New Hangar Facility. Officially moved Yulista HQ to Huntsville, AL.

Employee base at highest level in Yulista history, employing over 1600.

Yulista Tactical Services, LLC was awarded the Worldwide Logistics Support Services – Training (WLSS-T) acquisition, a Multiple Award IDIQ.


First Flight held at Yulista M4 Hanger

The Y-Tech NVESD Team has surpassed 7 years without any recordable safety incident.

DSS awarded the Technical Engineering Program Management and Integration Services contract, a 5-year IDIQ

M5 Grand opening of the 80K sq. ft. aviation hangar in Meridianville, AL.

TSL awarded firm-fixed price MAFR contract.

YAI FAA Part 145 Repair Station Certification and YAI ISO 9001/AS 9100 certification.

TSL was awarded a five year, firm-fixed price MAUI BOS contract.

Y-TAC awarded the ALICE contract.


Tunista Services, LLC awarded Air Traffic Control (ATC) contract.

Yulista Tactical Services, LLC announces successful transition and contract start for NASA ALICE Contract.

DSS JV received award notification for PIF-3 Contract, with a five-year base and 2 two-year options, total value $4.72B.

Tunista Services, LLC awarded Air Combat Training System (ACTS) contract.

Yulista Tactical Services, LLC issued NASA Task Order supporting Goddard Space Flight Center and Wallops Flight Facility under the ALICE IDIQ.

Y-Tech Services, Inc awarded Air Force Enterprise Contracted Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratories Services (AFEC) (PMEL) IDIQ:

  • Task Order 16: Wright-Patterson AFB
  • Task Order 18: Malmstrom, Minot, Ellsworth, and F.E. Warren Air Force Bases.



Yulista Tactical Services, LLC successfully supports multiple task orders on SOF GLSS for installation of AC130J Precision Strike Package (PSP).


Tunista Services, LLC awarded Kirtland Base Supply contract.


Yulista Holding, LLC conducts ground breaking ceremony for new 360,000+ sq. ft. campus at Redstone Gateway. The campus includes an office complex, integration/fabrication facility, and a warehouse.


Y-Tech Services, Inc awarded Logistics Support Facility Management Activity (LSFMA) contract.


Yulista Support Services, LLC awarded Flight Activity Modification and Maintenance Support Services (FAMMSS), total value $227M.


Yulista Integrated Solutions, LLC completed first ever contractor-performed PMI on a V-22 Osprey aircraft.


Who We Serve

Our customers, internal and external, who:

  • Are at risk; lives are at stake
  • Are fiercely patriotic and deeply committed to family, freedom, and country
  • Expect rapid response and total coverage
  • Depend on high standards and state-of-the art performance
  • Expect execution on-time, on-budget, no excuses

Sectors we serve:

Our Facilities

Facility Type by SQFT.

Total SQFT
Across 14 Facilities

Our Employees

Facility Type by SQFT.

Over 1800 employees in 26 states

1 in 3 New Hires
Are Veterans

15 Year Spotlight

At Yulista, we pride ourselves in the work of our employees, especially the ones who have called Yulista home since 2002. Our employees do whatever it takes every day as the single interface between our customers.

Together, we grow greater as a company, as we face challenges head on, dream big, and never settle for anything but excellence.

Jeffrey Burden Estimator III Yulista Aviation
Jessica Barnes Aviation Electrician Yulista Int. Solutions
Carol Birdsong Project Coordinator III Yulista Aviation
Mark Schuelke Manufacturing Manager Yulista Aviation
Tony Anderson Sheet Metal Mechanic II Yulista Aviation
Michelle Kaloi Assembler III Yulista Aviation

What We Do

Aviation // Ground Missile // Maritime // Aerospace // Corporate Base Ops // Range Ops

We back our nation in the defense, homeland security, and civilian sectors with mission-ready multifunctional teams:

Engineering & Manufacturing
Maintenance & Modifications
Integrated Logistics
Training Solutions

Customer Diversification

Before 2012, all the revenue coming into Yulista was directly tied to our Prototype Integration Facility, or PIF, Contract. In 2012, Yulista began diversifying its portfolio to increase revenue outside the PIF. In the last five years, we’ve made significant progress in diversifying our contract and project mix, with new contracts in aviation integration maintenance, base operations support, and projects with the Coast Guard and Navy/Maritime market.


In 2002, Yulista started operations in Huntsville, AL with a single contract and a handful of employees. Together, we have built a global company that supports 35 aircraft models. Our teams are delivering high quality solutions for rotary and fixed wing and non¬standard aircraft.

Aircrafts Serviced

How We Support

Our Charitable Impact

As an ANC, doing good for others is part of our DNA. In addition to several initiatives we've launched to support and resource the Alaska Natives we serve, Yulista also partners with other organizations including the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Toys for Tots, the Army Emergency Relief Foundation, and many more. Whether it’s providing school supplies to children in the Delta region or working with the local food bank, Yulista’s involvement includes boots on the ground – not just checks written.

Yulista Cares

Yulista CARES creates clear channels of communication between all YHL Subsidiaries and its employees. The Committee creates quarterly schedules of events, shares responsibility of large-scale efforts, and helps engage employees in community and internal campaigns.


Backpack Campaign

This year we shipped over 1000 backpacks to schools in Alaska and other local organizations. Each student was handed a backpack filled with supplies by our Calista board members.



Backpack Campaign Contest

Facility Winner:


145 Kits Purchasesd


Kits Purchased

YA 72
2901 Wall Triana 11
Jacksonville 38
325 Electronics 113
Discovery 145
Triana 2
Lakehurst 34

Team Winner:


145 Kits Purchasesd

Joe Parsley Greg Milar
Mo Crannell MIke Key
Bubba White Jeffrey Buckner
Kathrynn Seidler Kimberly Boone
Melinda Morrow


Kits Purchased

What the YAC 26
MDQuties 20
BD 130
CBP 12

Our Culture

What is an ANC?

Congress enacted ANCSA in order to provide a means by which Alaska Natives could derive economic benefits from the resources around them. Native corporations are the largest private landowners in Alaska, with title to 44 million acres of selected land throughout the state. Development of the resources beneath their lands offers Native corporations an opportunity to generate jobs and other economic benefits for their Native shareholders, and fulfill the implicit promise Congress made to Alaska Natives in exchange for extinguishment of their aboriginal claims.

How an ANC works

Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) are unique business institutions that present an interesting array of opportunities for U.S. and international transactions. ANCs take the place of traditional tribal organizations but are structured like modern business corporations. They are 100 percent minority owned (Native American/Alaska Native), which results in a number of significant business advantages to the ANCs and their business partners.

Many of the ANCSA corporations have found a niche in the government contracting and diversity supply field. In this context, the ANCSA corporations have some attributes of Indian tribes. Unlike other for-profit corporations, the ANCSA corporations have assumed obligations to advance the social, cultural, and economic welfare of Alaska Natives. Congress has authorized unique federal procurement rights for ANCSA corporations, which provide federal agencies and federal contractors with strong incentives to contract with ANCSA-owned companies.

Some of these advantages include:

  • ANCs are exempt from the competitive threshold [13 CFR 124.506(b); FAR 19.805-1(b)(2)]
  • ANCs are eligible for sole source set-aside contracts of any dollar amount (written and approved agency generated justification for contracts exceeding 20 million dollars)
  • ANCs are eligible for special rights under the A-76 Program [OMB Circular]
  • Direct contract awards allowed
  • Procurement process is simplified and accelerated

The Calista Region

The Calista Region includes the villages of the Lower Yukon River, the Central and Lower Kuskokwim River, Nunivak Island and the coast of the Bering Sea from the mouth of the Yukon River to Cape Newenham. The entire area encompasses over 58,000 square miles. No roads connect the 56 remote villages in the Region, making them only accessible by boat, plane, snow-machine or four wheeler.

The Yup'ik, Cup’ik and Athabascan cultures of the Calista Region are the most untouched in Alaska. The majority of residents within the Region still speak their traditional language. Data from the 2010 U.S. Census showed Yup’ik as the second-most common Native language spoken. Most families still practice a subsistence lifestyle, a cherished way of life, vital to the survival of Alaska Native cultures.


Of the land in the Calista region of Alaska is used


Make their home in Calista

Our Shareholders

In 1971, the landmark Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) was signed, addressing the issue of Alaska Native land rights. ANCSA created 12 regional corporations and over 230 village corporations to receive money and manage lands on behalf of their Shareholders. ANCSA requires Alaska Natives to enroll with a corporation to receive benefits from the settlement. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) accepts the applications and then assigns which regional corporation an applicant will be enrolled in as a Shareholder.

Calista Corporation is owned by approximately 25,000 Yup'ik, Cup'ik and Athabascan Shareholders with ancestral ties to southwest Alaska. Under the terms of ANCSA, the corporation received rights to 6.5 million acres of subsurface land, about 300,000 acres of surface estate and $80 million of initial capital.

Since Calista was formed in 1972, the corporation has matured by developing a diverse business and investment portfolio with subsidiaries specializing in a number of industries, including oil well work-over drilling, construction, government and military contracting, public relations services, property management, catering and camp services, telecommunications, heavy equipment sales, construction and royalties from gold and construction material mining. Annual corporate revenues from this diversified portfolio are in excess of $450 million.

Although most of Calista's 6.5 million acre land entitlement was selected by the region's Village Corporations for the subsistence resource value of the surface estate, several hundred thousand acres were selected primarily for subsurface mineral resource potential, which is demonstrated by a history of mineral production, including gold, mercury and platinum. These mineral lands include a number of placer gold properties, and adjacent hard rock gold and platinum prospects.

An internship program that gives back

The Yulista Internship Program is an excellent way for our scholarship recipients to get hands-on work experience while adding real value to the work we’re doing around the country.

Our interns work in production control, engineering, quality and safety, management, information technology, finance, human resources, government contracting, and more.

Not pictured: Bradley Lake (Hooper Bay, AK), Leigh Ripke (Palmer, AK), Regina Therchik (Toksook Bay, AK)

Andre Simon

Hooper Bay, AK

Elena Jacobs

Bethel, AK

Elton Chanar

Toksook Bay, AK

Joseph Lopez

Wasilla, AK

Katie Beans

Saint Mary's, AK

Kiara Johnson

Emmonak Bay, AK

Miranda Demientieff

Hooper Bay, AK

Patrick Groh Simon

Richmond, VA

Rinnah Andrew

Anchorage, AK

Looking Forward

Expansion & Growth

Kuskokwim building 7500 R&D/Manufacturing:

The Kuskokwim river is a prominent river in Alaska that flows through the Calista region. This building is 134,500 sq. ft. where performance manufacturing, integration, and other R&D support take place. For added convenience, it also includes a mini market for team members. This building was completed on May 18, 2020.

Tundra building 7600 warehouse:

There is a vast amount of Tundra landscape in the Calista region. The Tundra building is 126,000 sq. ft. and all of our warehousing for the Huntsville area will be consolidated here, which is scheduled for completion ~ July 30, 2020.

Yukon building 8600 HQ:

The Yukon river is the mightiest river in the region. The Yukon building is scheduled for completion ~ Feb 26, 2021 and will be four stories and 105,000 sq. ft. The building will house corporate offices and will include a Conference Center and Café Usgumaut which means "to connect". "Café Usgumaut" can be shortened to say "Café Us".

Aviation Center of Excellence

New aircraft parking apron has been completed.

M6 Hangar

New M6 Hangar construction is underway. M6 will add 30k square feet of additional large aircraft hangar space and aircraft paint capability. Estimated completion date is January 2021.

How We Do It

Mission Ready.

We're fully engaged. Rapid response. Highest standards.

Do whatever it takes.

We're dedicated. We own it. We see it through - everytime.

Solve Problems.

We're creative. We're imaginative. We adapt when necessary. We deliver original solutions.

Stay adaptable.

We stay kind and flexible. We keep learning. We serve others.

Tactical and intensely loyal since 2002.

work together.

We're united. We have your back. We communicate - always.